A support group for families with children who have Down's Syndrome in Monmouthshire, the Forest of Dean and surrounding areas. Registered Charity No. 1142198

What is Down’s Syndrome?

    • For every 1,000 babies born, one will have Down’s syndrome.
    • About 750 babies with Down’s syndrome are born in the UK each year.
    • Down’s syndrome affects people of all ages, races, religious and economic situations.
    • Although the chance of a baby having Down’s syndrome is higher for older mothers, more babies with Down’s syndrome are born to younger women.
    • Down’s syndrome is caused by the presence of an extra chromosome in a baby’s cells. It occurs by chance at conception and is irreversible.
    • Down’s syndrome is not a disease. People with Down’s syndrome are not ill and do not “suffer” from the condition.
    • People with the syndrome will have a degree of learning difficulty. However, most people with Down’s syndrome will walk and talk and many will read and write, go to ordinary schools and lead fulfilling, semi-independent lives.
    • Today the average life expectancy for a person with Down’s syndrome is between 50 and 60. A considerable number of people with Down’s syndrome live into their 60’s.
    • It is estimated that there are around 60,000 people with Down’s syndrome living in the UK.
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