A support group for families with children who have Down's Syndrome in Monmouthshire, the Forest of Dean and surrounding areas. Registered Charity No. 1142198

Talk Time

What is 21 Plus Talk Time?

21 Plus Talk Time is a group for parents/carers and children which encourages speech and language development in children with Down’s Syndrome.

The group is aimed at families of children of pre-school age.  The focus of the group is to encourage speech, language and communication development in children with Down’s Syndrome.

How does the group work?

The group runs weekly, every Wednesday morning at Llanover Village Hall, near Abergavenny.

The supervising Speech and Language Therapist will set individual targets to meet the child’s communication needs.

The sessions are filled with fun activities to promote communication skills development. We also discuss ways of including your child’s targets in everyday settings.

Sessions will be attended by the child and a parent/carer.

To achieve the greatest benefits for your child we would encourage you to continue the practised activities at home and include one of your child’s targets into your daily routine.

You will be able to discuss any queries you have about the activities with the Co-workers who will seek advice from the supervising Speech and Language Therapist if needed.

Who runs the group?

The group is run by 21 Plus Talk Time Co-Workers and supervised by Aneurin Bevan Health Board Speech and Language Therapists who have all received specialist training from the Down’s Syndrome Association and Symbol UK to run these groups :

•Victoria Hughes –Co-Worker
•Nicky Williams –Co-Worker
•Hannah Tightley – Speech and Language Therapist
How do I sign up?

Please contact:

Victoria Hughes: 07813 877 957


Nicky Williams: 07824 612 364

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