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5th Annual Education Conference

Down’s Syndrome – What works?

Parkway Hotel, Cwmbran NP44 3UW

Thursday, 17 October 2013


8.30     Registration and Coffee


9.00     How inclusion worked for me – Sara Pickard who has Down’s Syndrome


9.30     Keynote: ‘Accessing the Curriculum – Developing Language and Literacy Skills through Differentiated Learning’ – Cecilie Mackinnon

This keynote focuses upon the language and learning profiles of children with Down’s Syndrome and shows how the development of language and literacy skills is critical to their cognitive development. It illustrates how the curriculum can be used to develop literacy and reading skills and how to differentiate, use and adapt methods and resources to develop reading and writing skills.


11.00   Coffee


11.30   Keynote: ‘Accessing Life’ – fun, friends, family and a functional identity – expectations and making it work – Victoria Ralfs 

This keynote focuses on what our children need to navigate their way through the world and how our expectations as families and professionals can enable an environment that is enabling not disabling. Inspiring staff working from early years and beyond to prioritise the really important aspects of our children’s development, making the most of their key strengths and equipping them to enjoy what the rest of us take for granted.


12.30   Lunch


13.30   Experience of inclusion from the point of view of a Teaching Assistant – Beth Pickard


14.00   Workshop:‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ – Why sexuality and relationships education must be at the core of our children’s teaching and learning – Victoria Ralfs

This workshop will look at why, when, how and what to use. SRE starts from Reception in how it teaches our children the building blocks of what they need to know about their bodies, boundaries, and how to enjoy successful, safe relationships.


15.00   Coffee


15.15   Workshop: ‘Using Numicon to develop Numeracy and Mathematics Skills’ – Cecilie Mackinnon

This session is an introduction to Numicon. It focuses on how Numicon’s action, imagery and conversation approach is particularly efficient in developing a secure understanding of the number system for children with Down syndrome. It looks at the language and learning profiles and identifies the strategies and resources that can be used to overcome the difficulties that impact upon the development of numeracy and mathematical concepts for children with Down’s Syndrome.

Participants in this session have the option to enrol for a full-day Numicon training session free of charge at the end of this session.


16.15   Close

 For futher details please email : 21plus.k.barker@gmail.com

Conference for Inclusion of Children with Down’s Syndrome

We are delighted to be holding a conference on Including children and young people with Down’s Syndrome in school on Friday, 25 November 2011 at St Michael’s Centre, Abergavenny.

This event has been organised by 21 Plus with support from Monmouthshire LEA and the Down’s Syndrome Association.  The conference is suitable for all staff involved in teaching and supporting pupils with Down’s Syndrome in both mainstream and special educational settings. It is also relevant to educational psychologists and other professionals involved in planning and managing input to schools as well as parents of children with Down’s Syndrome.

If you have not attended an educational conference on Down’s Syndrome before you will be introduced to the learning profile of pupils and the principles of differentiation which can support and include these children.  For delegates who have attended previously this conference will build on your existing knowledge and include a focus on literacy and maths skills in primary and secondary education settings and on successful management of transitions throughout the child’s school career.

During the day there will be opportunities to ask questions and to share experiences with colleagues, parents and experts in education from the Down’s Syndrome Association.

Lunch and drinks will be provided on the day.

For further information and to book places please contact Victoria Hughes: victoria.21plus@gmail.com  or phone  07813 877957


Friday, 25 November 2011, St Michael’s Centre, Abergavenny

9.00 – 9.30        Registration and coffee.

9.30 – 9.40       Welcome: Julian Hallett, Down’s Syndrome Association Regional Manager Wales and opening comments from 21 Plus.

9.40 -10.40:      Inclusion for children with Down’s Syndrome in Mainstream Schools with Cecilie Mackinnon – Adapting to change and the strategies that will enable smooth transitions at all stages of education.

10.40 -11.00     Coffee – Opportunity to view education resources.

11.00 – 12.00   Keynote: Including children with Down’s syndrome with Sandy Alton – Looking at the key principles of differentiation, managing support and accessing the curriculum throughout the key stages.

12.00 -13.00     Lunch – Opportunity to view education resources.

13.00 – 14.00    Workshops

  • A: Developing Numeracy Skills in the Primary School with Cecilie MacKinnon. Using Numicon to develop concepts and mathematical thinking.
  • B: Developing Literacy in the Secondary School with Sandy Alton – Using curriculum subjects to support the development of literacy skills.

14.15 -15.15:    Workshops

  • A: Developing Literacy Skills in the Primary School with Sandy Alton. Looking at motor skills, language and communication and the development of writing skills.
  • B: Developing Maths Skills in the Secondary School with Cecilie Mackinnon. Developing mathematical skills for everyday living. Looking at strategies and resources that will enhance numeracy and mathematical thinking.

 15.15                Evaluations & Close